Two weeks ago, I posted a meme on Facebook warning that entitlement programs like food stamps can lead to dependancy.

Almost immediately, I was targeted by the national media in a dishonest, word twisting onslaught that tried to make it appear that I was attacking the poor, when I was obviously criticizing the government welfare establishment that keeps people poor.

The culmination of these smears was Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts going to the floor of the House of Representatives and suggesting that I owed an apology to the hungry.

It’s been another lesson for me about what happens to someone who criticizes the establishment in the age of Obama.

For the liberal attack machine, it wasn’t enough to say we don’t agree about how big the social safety net should be or its unforeseen consequences. They had to savage me as a lesson to anyone who dares speak up on the Obama administration’s out of control food stamp frenzy. It’s censorship by intimidation.

I have a message for those critics this morning: if you thought your attacks would silence me, you don’t know Dr. Annette Bosworth.

I’m the Obama administration’s worst nightmare—an independent, educated, accomplished Christian conservative woman who won’t be bullied into silence.

And this morning, I’m going to announce something that the petty dictators of dependency will never do: a way to try and solve the problem of hunger in America.

I’m hear to tell Rep. McGovern and his media mob the truth: when it comes to poverty and hunger, Conservatives aren’t the ones who need to apologize.

No, it’s the Democrats, the liberal policy makers and their catty cheerleaders in the media who need to apologize. They are the ones who intentionally created system that traps many of our nation’s poor in a vicious cycle of poverty and dependence that lasts generations.

Everyone knows the old saying “Give a man a fish, feed him for an hour but teach a man to fish and you feed them for a lifetime” but power hungry liberal democrats do their darndest to ignore that simple truth.

Here’s the dirty secret of sanctimonious politicians like Rep. McGovern: they don’t actually want to solve problems—they want to keep the poor hooked on the Democrat solution, which is always bigger and more intrusive government.

Why all the pressure to shut me up about the issue of food stamps?

Maybe it’s the startling growth of the food stamp program during the Obama administration’s reign of power. As the Congressional Budget office has written, the number of people getting SNAP—the new name for Food Stamps—has risen sharply in recent years—from about 26 million people in 2007 to nearly 47 million people in 2012. Total spending on SNAP has also grown significantly—more than doubling from $35 billion in 2007 to $80 billion in 2012.

Hunger is, of course, a real problem. I know this both personally and professionally. In the struggles my family has faced in the past few years, I know what it’s like worry about where your next meal is coming from. As a doctor, I’ve seen the result of the political solution to hunger; people who are simultaneously underfed and obese.

But my medical training also informs me that it’s not enough to just diagnose a problem; you have to actually cure it and rule number one is ‘first do no harm.’

And that’s the exactly problem with the SNAP program; it has side effects. For many, it becomes just a band aid that doesn’t actually solve the underlying problems and traps people in the cycle of poverty.

But if hunger is the problem, liberals like Obama and McGovern act as if the government is the only solution.

The proper role of government should be to get out of the way of innovators and effective charities. Here in South Dakota, Mike Round’s EB-5 scandal has shown us what happens when the state tries to pick winners and losers.

No, the real long term solution for hunger isn’t government dependence. Hunger stops being an issue when people are truly independent.

That’s why today, I’m launching a new website called The initial goal of the site is simple : I’m inviting people to submit their ideas to actually solve the hunger problem with solutions that create independence.

My Senate campaign is based on the uniquely American idea that we, the people are wiser than politicians like Rep. McGovern. Politicians can’t seem to come up with ideas to solve problems, but I believe the people can.

I’m not just asking for ideas from any one side of the political spectrum. Solving problems shouldn’t be partisan. I’m inviting everyone—Republican, Democrat, or Independent—to go to Help Heal Hunger.ORG and submit your idea using our simple form.

We’re going to listen to your ideas about solving hunger. We’ll share some of the most interesting ones on my Facebook page and get feedback. Then, as we find and combine great ideas, we’ll begin to implement them as quickly as possible. We’re not going to wait for permission from politicians or build a new bureaucracy. No, we’re going to roll up our sleeves and take action.

So, in closing I want to thank my critics in the media and even politicians like Jim McGovern: your dishonesty and ineffectiveness have gotten me so disgusted with the way things are in politics right now that it made me want to help find a path for the poor to get out of the swamp of government dependence.

I urge everyone to visit and submit your idea.