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The real solution to hunger is independence.

Our Goal

It starts with love. We’re thinking big: we want to come up with ideas that end hunger & poverty that help people without making them more dependent.

The Market

We don’t think the free market causes hunger; we think it’s the cure. We believe that whenĀ freedom is allowed to flourish, great things happen.

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Politicians haven’t solved these problems because there are more votes in sustaining problems than solving them. People can think outside the box.

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GreetingsĀ from Dr. Annette Bosworth

When I was attacked by the national media & politicians for a Facebook post I did that discussed food stamps and dependency, I was shocked. The critics were vicious, dishonest and seemed more concerned with shutting down discussion than actually solving problems.

But I believe things happen for a reason and my faith informs me that struggle and suffering can be overcome.

The attacks only made me want to tackle the issues of poverty and hunger directly but I realized I can’t do it alone. All of us together are smarter than any of us on our own.

Thank you for joining me on this journey; together, I believe we can do great things and I eagerly await your participation.

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